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Recognizing The Yoder Family As The 2014 Escambia County, Florida, Farm Family And Agricultural Innovator Of The Year September 19, 2014
Jeff Miller, R-FL
"Outside of their farming operations, both Brent and Janice are also highly dedicated to their local community and their church. Brent works closely with the Lower Alabama 4-H Club, where he helps teach young people from Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama about the importance of agriculture. In addition, both Brent and Janice serve their local church in leadership capacities and raise their four children in a faith-filled environment. In addition, Brent also helps spread inspiring and family-oriented reading material through his service as Chairman of the Gulf States division of Choice Books."
Keystone Xl Pipeline September 18, 2014
John Hoeven, R-ND
"Mr. President, tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of the application for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Six years. Six years ago, September 19, 2008, the TransCanada company applied for a permit for approval to cross the Canadian border to build the Keystone XL Pipeline from Hardisty, Canada, down to Cushing and ultimately the gulf coast, to provide not only oil from Canada but to move oil from States such as my State of North Dakota, of light, sweet Bakken crude, oil from Montana, to our refineries here in the United States. Six years ago, that application was filed, effective tomorrow. So we are here today to talk about the need not only for a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline but for approval of this vitally important project."
Keystone Pipeline September 18, 2014
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"Let’s look at a place in Texas where we see the tar sands oil being refined. This is Port Arthur. We have had visits from the Port Arthur community, and they said, please, we want to bear witness to the fact that this is what it looks like when these tar sands are burned. It hurts the health of our people. Residents along the gulf coast are suffering from asthma, respiratory illness, skin irritation, and cancer, and to get to the gulf coast the tar sands will be transported by pipeline through communities in environmentally sensitive areas in six States. It will pass through key sources of drinking water."
Green The Economy: Save The World September 18, 2014
Eric Swalwell, D-CA
"They point to short-term problems and long-term problems. In the short term, we are going to see the cost of coastal property and infrastructure. Within the next 15 years, higher sea levels combined with a storm surge will likely increase the average annual cost of coastal storms along the Eastern coast and the Gulf of Mexico by $2 billion to $3.5 billion. Adding in potential changes in hurricane activity, the likely increase in annual losses grows to about $7.3 billion."
Legislative Session September 17, 2014
John Boozman, R-AR
"Mr. President, last month we marked the 24th anniversary of the beginning of the gulf war. In August 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait. Shortly after this development the United States launched Operation Desert Shield, which led to Operation Desert Storm to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait."

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