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Approval Of The Keystone Xl Pipeline November 13, 2014
Vance McAllister, R-LA
"Construction will lead to thousands of jobs, well paying jobs at a time when Americans are struggling to find work. Importing an efficient, reliable source of energy has the potential to decrease gas prices in the future, expand oil refineries along the gulf coast, and lessens our dependence on foreign energy sources."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 5682, Approval Of The Keystone Xl Pipeline November 13, 2014
Steve Cohen, D-TN
"Building the pipeline carries the dirtiest oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and is exactly the opposite of addressing climate change, which is what we should be doing today, and most of this oil will not go to America, but will go through America, endangering mid-America, and be exported overseas. There are no export restrictions on nondomestic crudes."
Child Care And Development Block Grant Of 2014—Resumed November 13, 2014
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"The program has since grown to include veterans centers all across America. Lane Evans led the fight to give compensation for Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange and for their kids born with spina bifida as a result of that exposure. It was not just his war that concerned him. He was one of the first Members of Congress to push for more information about the Gulf War Syndrome. He supported increased opportunities for women in the military, an early supporter for full civil rights for gays in the military."
Commemorating The 50Th Anniversary Of The West Florida Regional Planning Council November 12, 2014
Jeff Miller, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, it is my privilege to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the West Florida Regional Planning Council and recognize its significant impact and contributions to Northwest Florida. The West Florida Regional Planning Council was established in 1964 as the Pensacola-Escambia County Regional Council when the need of transportation planning and coordination was recognized. As the third regional planning council to have been formed in the State of Florida, it has since grown to also include Bay, Holmes, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton, and Washington Counties and their municipalities. In addition to transportation planning, the Council today provides a forum to engage its members in regional planning, comprehensive economic development strategic planning, emergency preparedness planning, environmental planning and education, and intergovernmental review. Furthermore, the Council provides assistance in grant-writing, project management, technical planning, and data analysis. Due to its collaborative nature, the Council naturally recognizes the importance of an all-of-community and region approach. To that end, it welcomes and encourages citizens throughout the Gulf Coast to become engaged in the process to actively address and solve problems of the growing region. Over the past five decades, the Council has dedicated their efforts to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Northwest Florida. Their contributions have helped ensure that the Emerald Coast remains a top tourist destination and a place where thousands live like millions wish they could. Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the United States Congress, it gives me great pleasure to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the West Florida Regional Planning Council. My wife Vicki joins me in thanking all of its members for their devotion to service and wishing them and the Council all the best for continued success."
Recognizing Susan Cundiff As The Hurlburt Air Force Association Chapter 398 High School Teacher Of The Year For 2014 November 12, 2014
Jeff Miller, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, it is my privilege to recognize Ms. Susan Cundiff as the Hurlburt Air Force Association (AFA) Chapter 398 High School Teacher of the Year for 2014. Ms. Cundiff was among three educators selected throughout Northwest Florida for her inspiring efforts to bolster her students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, and I am pleased to honor her outstanding achievements. Ms. Cundiff joins the ranks of teachers previously bestowed this honor for her more than three decades of service as an educator at Gulf Breeze High School and her service to the Gulf Coast community. Since 1983, she has witnessed and has played an integral role in the growth of some of the finest minds of our Nation’s youth. Through her passion for teaching, which has helped spark her students’ sense of wonder and interest in the world around them, Ms. Cundiff’s contributions to producing the next generation of active participants in our society, and perhaps future scientists and engineers, cannot be overstated. Her tireless efforts and innovative techniques have brought unique hands-on learning opportunities into the classroom. As a result of this practical learning, her students gain a working knowledge of wireless computer integration and electronics construction. Today, her students can also be found researching, building, wiring, programming and testing robots on a specified task. Her dedication to the community, however, is not confined within the classroom. Ms. Cundiff is active in Hurlburt AFA Chapter’s aerospace educational programs, devoting her time and energy to assist in planning and organizing events. She also utilizes her considerable experience and success in the classroom to assist in the professional development of other educators throughout the area at the Chapter’s Teacher Workshops, sharing best practices and stimulating lessons that can be brought back to their respective classrooms. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to congratulate Ms. Cundiff on this well-earned achievement of Hurlburt Air Force Association Chapter 398 High School Teacher of the Year for 2014 and thank her for her commitment to service and dedication to the Northwest Florida community. My wife Vicki joins me in wishing Ms. Cundiff all the best for continued success."

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