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the health care law

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Health Care September 17, 2014
Roy Blunt, R-MO
"A GAO report released on Tuesday confirmed that people who had had concerns about this bill because it would use Federal funding for the first time to lead to taxpayer-funded abortions—and many of my colleagues in the House voted for this and voted for it only because President Obama repeatedly promised that the health care law would not lead to American tax dollars being used for this purpose. It is a longstanding policy. It is a policy that Americans have strongly supported for a long time. Unfortunately, this new report by the government itself indicates that was one more government promise not kept."
Health Care September 16, 2014
John Barrasso, R-WY
"Mr. President, I come to the floor today, as Republicans have come to the floor week after week ever since the President’s health care law was passed. I have many concerns about the way this health care law is impacting families in my home State of Wyoming as well as families all across the country. In one State after another, people are feeling the devastating side effects of the health care law."
Health Care September 16, 2014
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"Republicans, of course, shut down the government a year ago because of their pique over the health care law. There are those who still have a desire to shut down the government again."
Employee Health Care Protection Act Of 2014 September 11, 2014
Bill Cassidy, R-LA
"Secondly, do we think that politicians should keep the promises made to constituents? Four years ago, supporters of the health care law looked Americans in the eye and said, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it, period.”"
Employee Health Care Protection Act Of 2014 September 10, 2014
Joe Pitts, R-PA
"Congressional Democrats constantly say that they want to change the parts of the ACA that don’t work. If they are sincere about that pledge, they should join us in supporting H.R. 3522. This is a bipartisan bill to protect American workers who will lose their plans under the health care law. As I said last year when we had a similar bill for the individual market cancelations, 39 Democrats joined us and voted for that bill to let Americans keep their plans in the individual market."

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