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Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions July 29, 2014
Dean Heller, R-NV
"Our provision calls for reports by the Director of National Intelligence detailing the requests for information authorized under the PATRIOT Act and the FISA Amendments Act. The reports would specify the total number of people whose information has been collected under these programs and how many people living in the United States have had their information collected. They would also permit the intelligence community to report on how many Americans actually had their information looked at by the NSA or any other intelligence agencies."
Tribute To Pete Gianopulos July 29, 2014
Kevin McCarthy, R-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a teacher, soldier, public servant, and community leader who for 90 years has lived and breathed the city of Taft, California. Born and raised in Taft, Pete Gianopulos has become well-known throughout the city as a passionate American and an active member of his community. When the foundation of American resolve was tested by the Second World War, Pete answered the call of duty and served honorably with occupational forces near Hiro, Kure, and Hiroshima, Japan as part of the 41st Infantry Division in the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon. When he returned from the war, Pete completed undergraduate and graduate studies at Taft College and Fresno State College before continuing his graduate work at UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Bakersfield, and Fresno State. Upon returning to Taft, Pete began teaching at Lincoln Junior High School, and continued his educational career for 35 years as an Industrial Arts teacher, a counselor, and the Director of Guidance for the Taft Union High School District. Though he retired from teaching in 1986 after 36 years, his service to the education community only represents a portion of his public service. Pete has served in multiple positions at local levels of government, including the Oildorado Committee, the Kern County Water District, the Kern View Community Mental Health Center Committee, the State of California Resource Agency, and the Department of Water Resources. Notably, he served on the Taft City Council in 1961, where only one year later, Pete Gianopulos became Taft’s mayor, and served as such through 1966. Today, Pete continues to serve as an active member of the community. As the founder, host and producer of “Taft Heritage,” a local television program supported by the West Kern Oil Museum and Taft High School, and an active writer for his column in the local paper titled “Remember When,” Pete champions the message that there is always something to learn from the rich history of the city of Taft. Pete’s dedication and service to Taft has not gone unnoticed and next month, the Taft City Council will proclaim August 23, 2014 as “Pete Gianopulos Day.” On that day, it is my hope that all the residents of Taft look to this man’s history as a source of inspiration for what it means to be a citizen of the people. Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in wishing Pete Gianopulos a very happy 90th birthday, and thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the city of Taft."
Morning Business July 29, 2014
Barbara Mikulski, D-MD
"For many years, as a U.S. Senator on the Appropriations Committee, on the Defense Subcommittee, as well as as a member of the Intelligence Committee, I know how important the Israeli missile defense system is, including Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and others that are absolutely crucial. I worked hands-on with Senator Inouye—the late great Senator, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner—to make sure we funded the missile defense system for Israel and to work on a bipartisan basis with Senator Stevens and Senator Cochran. We worked together, and thank God it worked. We also implemented an agreement signed by President Bush with the Government of Israel that we would always help Israel maintain its qualitative edge. We have done it, and I am proud of it."
Legislative Session July 22, 2014
Saxby Chambliss, R-GA
"Last week we all watched in horror as news came in of the almost 300 civilians who were callously murdered. I have seen the intelligence on this attack, and it is very clear Russia bears the responsibility for the death of these civilians. Vladimir Putin should be held accountable, regardless of whether it was a Russian soldier or a Russian-sponsored separatist who pulled the trigger. Russia either shot down the plane itself or directly gave separatists the order and the ability to do so."
Immigration July 21, 2014
John Cornyn, R-TX
"If you read the intelligence gathered by the Department of Homeland Security from many of the migrants, including children who have been detained, many of them report being told there would be a permiso or basically a permission slip or visa issued to them if they were able to make it to the United States. So there is the combination of lack of detention facilities and the requirement of the Department of Homeland Security to turn these children and others over to Health and Human Services, but then they would be released based upon their promise to return at a future court date. This is what has been interpreted as permission to enter the country and stay."

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