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Every Child Achieves Act Of 2015 July 16, 2015
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"Now, in the last few years, we have created in this country, in effect, a national school board. It has made it harder to have better teaching, harder to set higher standards, harder to have real accountability in the States. So we changed that. We reversed the trend toward the national school board. We end the common core mandate. We end the waivers that the U.S. Department of Education is using to run public schools. We end DC evaluating teachers. We end adequate yearly progress."
Every Child Achieves Act Of 2015 July 15, 2015
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"Mr. President, I urge a “no” vote. This bipartisan bill on the floor is about reversing the trend toward a national school board. This amendment is about making the national school board bigger and more powerful. It would result in the Federal Government deciding for States which educational resources are critical. That would have the Federal Government deciding about licensing teachers, teachers’ salaries, library books, wellness programs, school facilities, and it would produce new lawsuits."
Every Child Achieves Act Of 2015—Continued July 14, 2015
Richard Burr, R-NC
"Mr. President, I thank my colleague from South Dakota for highlighting the real benefits of doing away with No Child Left Behind, breaking down the national school board, and saying to States and localities across this country: We ought to put you in charge of K-through-12 education."
Every Child Achieves Act Of 2015—Continued July 8, 2015
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"Mr. President, I oppose the amendment. Instead of lessening the national school board, this would make it more intrusive. This amendment would say that instead of schools reporting the academic results of five major racial groups, they would do it by country of origin. There are 196 countries of origin. So if we apply the same thinking to White, Hispanic, Black, Native American, we would have an amazing mandate from Washington to States about this amount of data."
Recognizing Kathleen Millett On Her Career June 15, 2015
Katherine Clark, D-MA
"As the Executive Director for the Office of Nutrition, Health and Safety Programs at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Katie oversaw the policy and training development, fiscal and operational work of the office for all federal child nutrition programs including the National School Lunch Program, NSLP, USDA Foods, Child and Adult Care Food Program, CACFP, and the Summer Food Service Program, SFSP. Collectively, these programs annually totaled more than $300 million in federal nutrition funding."

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