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Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Company December 10, 2013
Christopher Coons, D-DE
"The fire company soon became an integral part of the Newark community, hosting banquets, carnivals, and bingo nights to raise money for equipment and firefighting gear. Formed in 1949, the Aetna Ladies Auxiliary has provided unwavering support for the company’s members, from fundraising to providing hot meals for firefighters and their guests."
Honoring Kevin Shanley Of Gladstone, New Jersey October 23, 2013
Leonard Lance, R-NJ
"Kevin was a generous and caring philanthropist. He served as President and Treasurer of the Victoria Foundation, which assists young children and their families in the Newark community. Kevin also served on the Board of Trustees of New Jersey Futures, as a regent of St. Peter’s University in Jersey City and on the boards of many other organizations. He was also a successful businessman working with a number of major companies. There he mentored many of his colleagues who appreciated his sound perspective and high degree of integrity."
In Recognition Of Mayor David W. Smith January 24, 2012
Pete Stark, D-CA
"Mayor Smith’s accomplishments during his tenure as Mayor are exemplary. He has displayed the highest level of public service to his citizens, and his commitment can be seen through the wide array of organizations and committees in which he was involved. He was a Trustee and Committee Chair of the United States Conference of Mayors, and was highly involved in the Arts Committee as well as the Education Committee. He was previously chair of the Alameda County Transportation Authority and the Tri-City Waste Management Authority, and was also President of the Alameda County Conference of Mayors. He is the currently the Chair of the Newark Redevelopment Agency, the Newark Disaster Council, and the Newark Community Development Advisory Committee."
Congratulating Newark Community High School Boys Basketball Team May 12, 2011
Randy Hultgren, R-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to congratulate the Newark Community High School boys basketball team on their 2011 Illinois class 1A championship title. This is a great accomplishment; and their team, coaches, and the entire Newark community should be very proud."
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Receives The Gold Performance Achievement Award March 4, 2010
Donald Payne, D-NJ
"Newark Beth Israel also responds to the needs of the community. In addition to an annual health fair for community members, Newark Beth Israel sponsors health screenings free of cost for members of the Newark community throughout the year."

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