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Nomination Of Michelle T. Friedland To Be United States Circuit Judge For The Ninth Circuit—Continued April 10, 2014
Richard Burr, R-NC
"These are not some misguided college football players. This is the United Steelworkers. Let me say that again because I do not think people understand it. This is the United Steelworkers who have put up the money so that these players from Northwestern would go to the NLRB and say: We want to unionize at Northwestern University. Well, on the face of it, it creates a great inequity between public and private schools, where we have a governing body that tries to make this process as equitable as it can."
Tribute To Ann Wayt March 5, 2014
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"We have seen too many attacks on workers’ rights in recent years. We have seen too many efforts to hamstring the NLRB and its ability to protect the rights of workers, and we have seen too many people fired for engaging in collective activity."
Uaw Nlrb Election At Chattanooga Volkswagen Plant February 27, 2014
Rick Nolan, D-MN
"I come from the Iron Range. We have got a lot of mining and steelworkers up there. Back in 1948, if you will allow me to just do a little history here, and leading up to that, the steelworkers union proposed contracts that would allow them to negotiate pensions and health care benefits, and wouldn’t you know, the NLRB, in 1947, said, no, you can’t do that. That is not okay. That is off the table. That is not a subject for negotiation."
Stop Targeting Of Political Beliefs By The Irs Act Of 2014 February 26, 2014
Steve Scalise, R-LA
"We have seen it with the EPA. We have seen it with the NLRB and the entire alphabet soup of Federal agencies that seems to want to go after people that might say something, exercising their First Amendment rights, that the White House disagrees with."
Executive Session October 31, 2013
John McCain, R-AZ
"As to both of the nominees we are considering today, I find and it is my judgment as a Senator that extraordinary conditions exist. The agreements I have entered into, including to begin on the motion to proceed, including last July on the NLRB nominations, have all included preserving the right of individual Senators to exercise their rights."

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