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Survival Of The Coal Industry September 17, 2013
Bill Johnson, R-OH
"I want to share one final story before I yield back. I wasn’t born into the coal production industry. I didn’t grow up knowing a lot about coal production, but I sure learned a lot about coal consumption. I spoke to the Ohio association of rural electric co-ops about a month ago and I shared with them that as a small boy, I was the utilities manager at a rural utility co-op. Now they looked at me like some of you are looking at me. They cocked their head kind of sideways and said, how can a young boy be the director of a utility co-op?"
Congratulating Chief R. Steven Bailey On His 60Th Birthday March 20, 2012
Jean Schmidt, R-OH
"Mr. Speaker, Chief Bailey’s accomplishments don’t stop there. Since 1986, he has been a Reserve Police Officer for the City of Middletown where he currently holds the rank of Reserve Captain. He was President of the Clermont County Chiefs of Police and Sheriff’s Association for eight years, and has been President of the Ohio Law Enforcement Foundation as well as President of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police."
In Honor Of Chief Joseph C. Kocab May 26, 2011
Dennis Kucinich, D-OH
"Chief Kocab was first appointed to the Brooklyn Heights Police Department on March 17, 1980. In 1985, he was promoted to sergeant and on June 1, 1999 made Chief of Police for the Brooklyn Heights Police Department. After completing a professional program, in 2004, Chief Kocab became a Certified Law Enforcement Executive. While serving as Chief of Police, he was an active member and would serve as a board member, Chaplain and president of the Cuyahoga County Police Chiefs Association. Chief Kocab was also a member of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and acted as district representative, treasurer and president of the organization."
In Honor Of Chief Of Police Donald L. Wagner January 20, 2011
Dennis Kucinich, D-OH
"Chief of Police Wagner began his career with the Rocky River Police Department on April 1, 1965. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1974, Lieutenant in 1980, Executive Staff Assistant to the Chief of Police in 1985 and finally to Chief of Police in 1995. He is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, the Cuyahoga County Police Chiefs Association and the Metropolitan Crime Clinic Association."
Recognizing The 100Th Anniversary Of The Ohio Association Of Realtors September 14, 2010
Pat Tiberi, R-OH
"Madam Speaker, it is with great pleasure I rise to recognize the 100th birthday of the Ohio Association of REALTORS (OAR)."

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