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Honoring The City Of Newport’S 125Th Anniversary December 1, 2014
Betty McCollum, D-MN
"Even before its incorporation as the village of Newport in 1889, the city was a vibrant Mississippi River community with deep roots in Minnesota history. Newport has always drawn its strength from the people who live within it, and takes pride in its rich history and natural beauty. According to the Washington County Historical Society, Newport began as two separate settlements, one of which was called Red Rock. It was settled by European immigrants shortly after the land was purchased by the U.S. government in 1837 through treaties with the Ojibwe and Dakota. The name Red Rock was derived from a red-painted granite boulder, an unusual remnant likely deposited by retreating glaciers. This rock, which has been moved several times, was held in great reverence by the Dakota. Today the rock sits in front of Newport United Methodist Church."
Tribute To Former Representative Lane Evans November 13, 2014
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"Lane was known as a champion of constituent services, helping northwestern Illinoisans get the help they needed from federal agencies and ensuring that casework was processed quickly and effectively. And America’s veterans will always remember him for his work on behalf of those suffering from exposure to Agent Orange and those disfigured by land mines. When the Rock Island Arsenal faced cuts and closure 10 years ago, he fought with tenacity and determination to keep it open and save jobs across his district."
Child Care And Development Block Grant Of 2014—Resumed November 13, 2014
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"Lane fought for fair trade, a fair minimum wage, and the right to collectively bargain. He worked for a cleaner environment and protection of family farmers. He fought to give students from working-class families the same chance he had to get a good college education. He was a giant on the House Armed Services Committee. He understood the Rock Island Arsenal was more than just an arsenal for our Nation’s defense, it was a major, important employer in his district. Most of all—most of all—Lane Evans fought for veterans. This week of Veterans Day is a good time to remember how much Lane Evans of Illinois meant to America’s veterans and their families. He made veterans’s concerns the cornerstone of his congressional career. He was the first chairman of the Vietnam-era Veterans Congressional Caucus and the first Vietnam-era veteran to serve as ranking member of the House Veteran’s Affairs Committee."
Immigration September 10, 2014
Luis Gutierrez, D-IL
"This is settled law, and despite the shouts of talk radio and a few on the Republican side, there is no real serious debate about the rock-solid legal ground from which the President can act and has already acted."
Iraq Privileged Resolution July 17, 2014
Walter Jones, R-NC
"In 1971, the rock group The Who released the antiwar anthem “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” To us, its lyrics invoked a feeling that we must never again stand by quietly while those ignorant of and casual about war lead us into another one and then mismanage the conduct of it."

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