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Tribute To David Grannis January 26, 2016
Dianne Feinstein, D-CA
"I also want to echo many of the comments that our committee staff has made about David including one that was passed onto me where a colleague said that he “has been the rock upon which the staff’s foundation is built.” He has been a solid and stable leader that has provided the confidence that the staff needs to flourish. David’s intellect and knowledge of the intelligence community and his communication skills in conveying that knowledge to committee members has gained him the respect and admiration of the entire committee. Finally, his demeanor and behavior in dealing with people, both inside and outside the committee, on both sides of the aisle and in both bodies of Congress, as well as with leaders of the intelligence community and the executive branch, is an example to be emulated."
Tribute To Carey Crowson January 13, 2016
David Young, R-IA
"This year, Carey Crowson, a 1972 Mount Ayr graduate, was honored with inclusion in the Rock Hall of Fame for his individual accomplishments in the music industry over the past 40 years. Crowson has performed as part of a duo Jackson/Crowson and has been a member of a number of local bands. Backfire, Cactus Killers, Uncle Walt, and the Cavaliers from 1984-1995. Carey has also written and sung jingles and promotional songs for many major corporations."
Recognizing The 60Th Anniversary Of Orlando Science Center January 12, 2016
Daniel Webster, R-FL
"On July 2, 1960, the museum opened the first planetarium in Florida. The planetarium was a technological feat in its day; NASA astronauts used it for briefings. On March 23, 1970, the museum displayed a moon rock brought back by the crew of Apollo 11. The rock drew over 4,200 visitors making it the museum’s largest single-day attendance to-date. Over the past 60 years, Orlando Science Center has achieved significant growth and continues to inspire learning."
Honoring The Career Of Lyndal Scranton, Springfield News-Leader Sports Journalist, And Congratulating Him On His Retirement December 17, 2015
Billy Long, R-MO
"Scranton got his start as the Sports Editor of Central High School’s student paper, which transitioned to a position at the Springfield News-Leader when he was teenager in the fall of 1979. Ever since, he has written on area sporting events at every level, including the 1985 Bass Pro Tournament of Champions and Jack Nicklaus’ hitting golf balls at the `Top of the Rock‘ golf course."
Current Issues December 10, 2015
Jeff Fortenberry, R-NE
"Their likenesses are in the rock, timeless and unchanging; but the ideals they represent must be reestablished in each generation. The renewal of America will depend, in large part, on whether or not we can grasp what these leaders stood for and whether or not we can make the sacrifices necessary to reclaim our country’s potential in this time, our time."

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