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In Celebration Of Ambassador Marion H. Smoak’S 100Th Birthday July 8, 2016
Jim Costa, D-CA
"Following his retirement from the Army, Ambassador Smoak returned to Aiken County, South Carolina along with his wife, Mary Frances Meister, and their three children, Fred, Mary Frances, and Pat. Serving as a practicing attorney in Aiken County, Ambassador Smoak sought office in the South Carolina State Senate and went on to win the election in 1966. Ambassador Smoak was among the first five Republicans that served in the South Carolina State Senate since Reconstruction. While in the State Senate he served on six committees that included: Agriculture, Atomic and Nuclear Energy, Commerce and Manufactures, Military, and Veteran Affairs. Ambassador Smoak fought for the Compulsory School Bill, realigning voting precincts, and compulsory auto inspections. From 1967 to 1968, he also served in the State Constitutional Revision Commission."
The Importance Of Our Technical Colleges May 19, 2016
Joe Wilson, R-SC
"In South Carolina, we have sixteen remarkable technical colleges that have been successful in helping to create jobs throughout the state and particularly the Second Congressional District. Apprenticeship Carolina has been successful in creating more than 15,000 apprentices to date, partnering with businesses such as Michelin and Continental. Thank you to their Director Brad Neese and the South Carolina technical college presidents. A special congratulations to Dr. Forest Mahan, who was selected to be the fifth president of Aiken Technical College on Monday. Godspeed President Susan Winsor."
Commemorating Small Business Week May 16, 2016
Joe Wilson, R-SC
"I appreciate visiting with members of the South Carolina small-business community. I was grateful to tour Dayton Rogers, a plant in Columbia, South Carolina, led by President Ron Lowry, where I was inspired by the enthusiastic personnel."
Commemorating Vietnam Veterans Appreciation Day May 10, 2016
Joe Wilson, R-SC
"I was grateful to join them and pay tribute to the courage and sacrifice of our veterans. I appreciate the service of Commander of the South Carolina Combat Veterans Group Tommy Olds, featured speaker retired Captain Walter Allen Mouzon, and Executive Director Renee Joy. The program was inspiring and uplifting for dedicated Vietnam veterans."
Energy And Water Development Appropriations Bill May 9, 2016
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"We could have tried to make that policy decision in this bill or the South Carolina Senators could have tried that, too, but we thought it was a policy decision that should first be considered by the authorizing committee—in this case, the Armed Services Committee. We met with the representatives of Senator McCain and Senator Reed, and they have agreed to have a hearing. This is how we are dealing with that."

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