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Bankruptcy Reform Act Of 1999 May 5, 1999
Donald Manzullo, R-IL
"Mr. Chairman, I was listening to the debate in my office on the Watt amendment, which would simply say that whenever the trustee or any party or any attorney requests a copy of the tax returns that that would be turned over, as opposed to having a mandatory provision requiring the filing of tax returns with a bankruptcy petition."
Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Act Of 1998 September 22, 1998
Rod Grams, R-MN
"The passage of the Consumer Bankruptcy Reform bill is critical because it directly confronts the abuses within our bankruptcy system. One of the main features of the bill would allow bankruptcy judges to dismiss or reassign cases if the system is being “abused.” Under the bill, one of the factors which shows abuse in a chapter 7 filing is if the debtor has current income sufficient to pay at least 20% of unsecured claims against him. A motion alleging abuse of the system could be filed by the judge, the trustee, or any party in interest."

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