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the united states acting as

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Entry Title Date
Accelerating Income Tax Benefits For Charitable Cash Contributions For Earthquake Relief In Chile And Haiti November 19, 2010
Benjamin Cardin, D-MD
"The purposes of this title are— (1) to authorize, ratify, and confirm the Agreement; (2) to authorize and direct the Secretary to execute the Agreement and take any other action necessary to carry out all obligations of the Secretary under the Agreement in accordance with this title; (3) to authorize the amounts necessary for the United States to meet the obligations of the United States under the Agreement and this title; and (4) to permanently resolve certain damage claims and all water rights claims among— (A) the Tribe and its members; (B) the United States, acting as trustee for the Tribe and its members; (C) the parties to the Agreement; and (D) all other claimants seeking to determine the nature and extent of the water rights of the Tribe, its members, the United States, acting as trustee for the Tribe and its members, and other claimants in— (i) the consolidated civil action in the Superior Court of the State of Arizona for the County of Maricopa styled In re the General Adjudication of All Rights To Use Water In The Gila River System and Source, W-1 (Salt), W-2 (Verde), W-3 (Upper Gila), W-4 (San Pedro); and (ii) the civil action pending in the Superior Court of the State of Arizona for the County of Apache styled In re the General Adjudication of All Rights to Use Water in the Little Colorado River System and Source and numbered CIV-6417."
Recognizing The 61St Anniversary Of The Independence Of Israel May 5, 2009
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"I am hopeful that this year we make substantial progress to the goal we all share which is to see Israel and its neighbors living side by side in peace. To achieve this goal, it is important that the parties, aided by the United States acting as an honest broker, address and resolve all of the major issues standing in the path to peace."
Recognizing Israel’S Right To Defend Itself Against Attacks From Gaza January 9, 2009
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"Madam Speaker, I rise today to express my strong support of the right of Israel to exist and to defend itself and to condemn unequivocally the rocket attacks launched by Hamas on Israel. I believe there can be no military solution to this conflict, only a political solution reached by the parties assisted by the United States acting as an honest broker. Seldom do I vote present but I will in this case. Let me explain why."
Introduction Of The Great Cats & Rare Canids Act Of 2007 March 9, 2007
Tom Udall, D-NM
"That is why it is imperative that the United States, through the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, support efforts to conserve these predators at the top of the food chain. Modeled after the highly successful Multinational Species Conservation Funds, which conserve rhinos, tigers, Great Apes, Asian elephants, African elephants, and marine turtles, this bill is authorized at $5 million annually for the conservation of more than a dozen species of great cats and rare canines existing outside the United States. Acting as umbrella species for entire ecosystems, the health and stability of these iconic species are excellent indicators of human sustainability as well."
Executive Session February 3, 2005
Christopher Dodd, D-CT
"Regrettably and disturbingly, in my view, Alberto Gonzales has fallen short of meeting this most basic and fundamental standard. Let me explain why I take this position for two reasons: One, because in a nation founded on the principle of human freedom and dignity, he has endorsed, unfortunately, the position that torture can be permissible. And two, in a nation dedicated to the proposition that all are equal and none is above the law, he has suggested that the President of the United States, acting as Commander in Chief, has the right to act in violation of the laws and treaties prohibiting torture and may authorize subordinates to do the same. I will address briefly each of these issues in turn."

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