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Medicare Access And Chip Reauthorization Act Of 2015 March 26, 2015
Frank Pallone, D-NJ
"For more than 10 years, Congress has had to temporarily fix the flawed sustainable growth rate, SGR, nearly 20 times since it was enacted. Well, today is the last time I will have to talk about the broken SGR. The House has come together to fix it once and for all."
Bridging The Divide: Observations On Race And Justice In America March 2, 2015
Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY
"We have got a serious issue that we need this Capitol to confront. In the midst of terrorists who are all across the world who want to strike at our homeland, not only are we dealing with a dynamic where some in the House of Representatives refuse to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security because of an unnecessary obsession with the President’s executive action on immigration—let me note, of course, though individuals may differ on its legality, every President since Dwight Eisenhower has taken executive action on immigration. It has occurred 39 times since the 1950s."
Fighting Hunger Incentive Act Of 2015 February 12, 2015
Aaron Schock, R-IL
"Just a few months ago—just a few months ago—Republicans and Democrats came together in this body to vote on identical legislation to extend it a year at a time. In fact, this piece of legislation has been extended four times since 2006 under the same proposal that we are submitting here, just not a year at a time but, rather, permanent, the same pay-fors or lack thereof, written almost identically."
Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions February 12, 2015
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"We know it works. Listen to these numbers: Thanks to CHIP, the number of uninsured children has fallen by half, from 14 percent in 1997—when this bill passed with bipartisan support, and it has been extended and reauthorized a couple of times since—to a record low of 7 percent in "
Keystone Xl Pipeline Approval Act February 11, 2015
Lois Capps, D-CA
"In 1969, my home district in California experienced one of the worst oil spills in American history. I saw, firsthand, the devastating damage to our local economy, to human health, to property, to natural resources. We have sadly seen this happen far too many times since then in communities all around this country."

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