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Vawa; Historic Law Continues To Help Women And Girls September 19, 2014
Christopher Smith, R-NJ
"Accordingly, I authored, and the House passed the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act (H.R. 2283) to raise the profile and influence of the TIP Office by making it a bureau within the State Department. My bill is pending in the Senate."
Isis September 18, 2014
Bernard Sanders, I-VT
"There are crises here at home we have ignored for too long. Real unemployment today is 12 percent, youth unemployment is 20 percent. We can’t ignore it. The minimum wage nationally is at a starvation wage of $7.25 an hour. We cannot ignore that reality. We have to raise the minimum wage. "
Bank On Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act—Motion To Proceed— Continued September 18, 2014
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"Last year, the Postal Service went to the Postal Regulatory Commission and said: We suffered terribly because of the loss of first-class mail that flowed from the worst recession since the Great Depression. We would like to have something above and beyond a CPI increase, a cost of living increase, for our rates. What did the Postal Regulatory Commission do? They agreed to raise the rates and let the post office raise the rates. "
Continuing Resolution September 17, 2014
James Inhofe, R-OK
"While my friends on the other side of the aisle act as though public debate has been settled on the issue, obviously it is just the opposite of that. It probably explains why it has been difficult for Tom Steyer to raise the full $100 million he promised to help Democrats win elections this fall."
House Democratic Agenda September 16, 2014
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"The American people are tired of watching the Republican majority walk away from their responsibilities to govern in a bipartisan way. They are tired of Republicans walking away from our middle class when they have refused to raise the minimum wage, which has a majority of votes on this floor for passage."

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