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Armenian Genocide April 27, 2016
Jim Costa, D-CA
"My staff today is wearing denim, joining other organizations throughout the district and throughout the Nation to raise the awareness about sexual violence prevention."
Securing Aviation From Foreign Entry Points And Guarding Airports Through Enhanced Security Act Of 2016 April 26, 2016
Bennie Thompson, D-MS
"With the passage of H.R. 4698 today, the House is poised to raise the level of aviation security overseas. The next challenge for this body is to support DHS in its efforts to take more proactive approaches to pushing out our Nation’s border security."
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Continued April 26, 2016
John Cornyn, R-TX
"Our colleagues will remember that last year we were unable to pass the 12 regular appropriation bills because our Democratic colleagues filibustered those pieces of legislation in order to force a negotiation to raise the spending caps on discretionary spending. I regret that. I wish it hadn’t happened, but it did and there is not much we can do about it. But in the process, what happened is that we ended up having to pass a fiscal year-end omnibus appropriations bill that lacked any basic transparency. There was about $1 trillion-plus worth of spending, and I think most people’s reaction is this: Why do you have to do business in such a terrible way that lacks transparency, doesn’t let people know what is in the bill, and doesn’t let all 100 Senators contribute to the product? The reason is because our Democratic colleagues blocked those bills."
Personal Explanation April 19, 2016
Jerrold Nadler, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I had to return to New York, and as a result, I missed votes on April 14 through 15, 2016. Had I been present, I would have voted “no” on roll call vote No. 146, Final Passage of H.R. 3340, the Financial Stability Oversight Council Reform Act, “no” on roll call vote No. 149, Final Passage of H.R. 3791 to raise the consolidated assets threshold under the small bank holding company policy statement, “aye” on roll call vote No. 150, the Amendment offered by Mr. Yarmuth to clarify that nothing in H.R. 2666 prevents the FCC from requiring or enhancing transparency, “aye” on roll call vote No. 141, the Amendment offered by Mr. McNerney stating that nothing in H.R. 2666 shall affect the authority of the FCC to act in the public interest, and “no” on roll call vote No. 152, Final Passage of H.R. 2666, the No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act."
Personal Explanation April 15, 2016
Lynn Westmoreland, R-GA
"Mr. Speaker, on April 14, 2016, the House of Representatives considered H.R. 3791, to raise the consolidated assets threshold under the small bank holding company policy statement, and for other purposes. Regrettably, I was unable to be present for the vote. However, had I been present, I would have supported the final passage of H.R. 3791."

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