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Honoring Brigadier General David T. Buckalew July 31, 2015
Evan Jenkins, R-WV
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the service of Brigadier General David T. Buckalew of the West Virginia National Guard. General Buckalew has served in the West Virginia Air National Guard for more than 40 years, having enlisted in the Guard’s 130th Airlift Wing in Charleston, West Virginia in December 1971. After completing his education at West Virginia State University and the Academy of Military Science, General Buckalew returned to West Virginia in December 1983 to serve as a logistics plans officer for the 130th Airlift Wing."
The Impacts Of Coal July 28, 2015
Evan Jenkins, R-WV
"Coal is vital to the people of West Virginia and to West Virginia‘s economy and to this country. Coal supports many crucial investments in southern West Virginia, in my congressional district."
Hire More Heroes Act Of 2015—Motion To Proceed—Continued July 23, 2015
Shelley Capito, R-WV
"Reauthorizing the ARC and bringing broadband to small, economically distressed communities will help bring jobs to West Virginia. The ARC provides important support for health care, education, and infrastructure programs, and I am pleased the DRIVE Act will allow the commission to continue its efforts for the next 6 years."
Every Child Achieves Act Of 2015—Continued July 8, 2015
Patrick Toomey, R-PA
"Well, given that he was a pedophile and a predator, he surely did become someone else’s problem. He went to West Virginia, became a teacher—based in part on the recommendation he got—and rose, in fact, to the level of being a school principal. Along the way, of course, he continued to attack and abuse young boys, finally raping and killing young Jeremy Bell."
Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act—Continued June 23, 2015
Shelley Capito, R-WV
"One marine in my hometown, Andrew White, returned home to West Virginia after serving in Iraq. Andrew displayed signs of PTSD, including insomnia, nightmares, constant restlessness, and pain related to an injury. In addition to antidepressant and antianxiety pills, doctors placed Andrew on a strong antipsychotic drug and, over time, increased his dosage from 25 milligrams to 1600 milligrams—more than twice the dosage recommended to treat schizophrenia. Andrew White died in his sleep at the age of 23."

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