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Recognizing Debbie Nye Sembler October 22, 2015
David Jolly, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the accomplishments of one of the longest serving trustees of the University of South Florida, Mrs. Debbie Nye Sembler. For 12 years, Mrs. Sembler served on the USF board of trustees; and, for 10 years, she served as chair of the campus board of USF St. Petersburg."
Recognizing Dr. Judy Genshaft’S Leadership Of The University Of South Florida September 28, 2015
David Jolly, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I submit an article that appeared in the Tampa Tribune recognizing Dr. Judy Genshaft for her leadership as President of the University of South Florida. For the past 15 years, Dr. Genshaft has worked tirelessly to improve USF‘s academic successes, as well as expand USF‘s role in our local economy. It is my honor to recognize her achievements at the helm of USF, and we are fortunate to have her as a part of our Tampa Bay community."
University Of South Florida St. Petersburg’S 50Th Anniversary September 9, 2015
David Jolly, R-FL
"USF St. Petersburg was established in 1965 by the University of South Florida to meet a rising demand by students who sought to make their mark in the world. It grew through the eighties and nineties, and, by 2006, USF became its own accredited institution by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Today, it boasts over 5,000 students and faculty who are Fulbright Scholars and Pulitzer Prize jurors; and it boasts partnerships with leading health institutions, like All Children’s Hospital and Raymond James. In short, USF St. Petersburg has become part of the fabric of Pinellas County, enriching the lives of students, faculty, and all of our neighbors."
Opening Of The Florida Center For Cybersecurity At University Of South Florida February 4, 2015
Dennis Ross, R-FL
"With the opening of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity on the campus of the University of South Florida, also known as USF, in Tampa this Friday, our State marshals the strength of all of Florida’s public universities to respond to our Nation’s cybersecurity workforce needs."
Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act Of 2013 March 11, 2014
Anna Eshoo, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R. 3675, the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act of 2013, a bipartisan bill aimed at giving the FCC flexibility while promoting openness, transparency and accountability. Two years ago, the House of Representatives considered a very different version of the legislation, one which I opposed and that passed largely on partisan lines. I support the bill before us today because it gives the FCC flexibility to evaluate and adopt procedural changes to its rules, rather than putting rigid requirements in statute. The bill enhances transparency by establishing a publicly available, searchable consumer complaint database and provides the Universal Service Fund (USF) with a short term exemption from the Antideficiency Act. I’m also pleased that the bill includes the FCC Collaboration Act of 2013, a bipartisan bill I introduced last year with Reps. Shimkus and Doyle. For years, current and former FCC Commissioners have called on Congress to pass ‘sunshine reform,’ so that three or more Commissioners can hold non-public collaborative discussions, as long as no agency action is taken. While I’m disappointed that this provision will not take effect immediately upon enactment, I’m hopeful that the Senate will modify this provision before passing similar legislation. A delay in implementation is the unnecessary delay of a much needed reform. I thank Chairman Walden for working with me and my staff to put forward a bipartisan bill and I urge my colleagues to support H.R. "

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