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Border Security, Economic Opportunity, And Immigration Modernization Act June 19, 2013
Jeff Merkley, D-OR
"When applications were received by the few Oregonians who found out about those jobs, they round-filed those applications, put them through the shredder, rather than using our tax money to thin our forests to prevent forest fires and disease and didn’t hire Americans for those jobs."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 2401, Transparency In Regulatory Analysis Of Impacts On The Nation Act Of 2011 September 22, 2011
Rob Bishop, R-UT
"It makes in order 12 specific amendments out of the 14 that were received by the Rules Committee. Of the two not made in order, one was withdrawn by the sponsor and the other was not germane to the rules of the House. So what the Rules Committee has presented here is a rule that is, quite frankly, not bad. It is going to provide for an open discussion for those who are interested in this particular issue on the floor. It’s a very fair rule, and it continues the record of the Rules Committee in this Congress of making as many amendments in order as possible which simply conform to the rules of the House. That’s been the goal of our chairman, Mr. Dreier, and say what you will, he has produced a standard of fairness in the floor discussions that we will be having here on the floor in the past as well as in the future."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 2018, Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act Of 2011 July 13, 2011
Rob Bishop, R-UT
"Mr. Speaker, this resolution provides for a structured rule and makes in order 10 specific amendments that were received by the Rules Committee. Nine of those were offered by Democrats; only one amendment made in order was offered by a Republican. So the vast majority of amendments that were received by the Rules Committee which are in compliance with House rules were made in order under this resolution, with most being from Democrats."
Executive Session June 30, 2010
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Senate proceed to executive session and the Foreign Relations Committee be discharged en bloc of Foreign Service nominations beginning with Robin J. Brinkley Hadden and ending with Heather Louise Yorkson, which were received by the Senate and appeared in the Congressional Record on February 24, 2010, PN1482, except for Hussein Waheed Iman; that the Senate proceed en bloc to their consideration; that the nominations be confirmed en bloc and the motions to reconsider be laid upon the table en bloc; that any statements be printed in the Record; that the President be immediately notified of the Senate’s action, and the Senate resume legislative session."
Hope Vi Improvement And Reauthorization Act Of 2007 January 17, 2008
Sanford Dixon BISHOP, Democrat-GA
"The end result is a new mixed-income community (Ashley Station), set on a beautifully designed site which incorporates new housing, new parks, and new retail and street improvements. In addition, connections were made that improved access to job training, employment opportunities, education, health care, and other supportive services. HOPE VI allowed for a unique public-private collaboration and more than $5,800,000 in “in-kind” services were received by the HOPE VI residents."

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