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Entry Title Date
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 April 27, 2016
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Fighting fires has become a continuous battle virtually year-round throughout the country. That is why this fire burning in the Shenandoah National Park ought to be a wake-up call once again to everyone to understand how important it is to fix this broken system of fighting fire, because the funding system for doing so is leading to dysfunction throughout the Forest Service and contributing to the breakdown of the national forest management that is needed to prevent catastrophic wildfires in the first place."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 4498, Helping Angels Lead Our Startups Act April 27, 2016
Pete Sessions, R-TX
"I have satisfied myself, and I believe my party has, through our great young Speaker, Paul Ryan, satisfied ourselves that pending the time when we can get at a supplemental—perhaps later in the year there will be wildfires, perhaps later in the year there would be a hurricane. We have the money available. No one disputes that the money right now is usable, it is fungible. The question is: When will it be backfilled?"
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 April 21, 2016
Jeff Merkley, D-OR
"I am proud and inspired by the global community’s unprecedented commitment to avert global warming, to avert a climate crisis. We know what the stakes are. We don’t need computer models to look 50 years into the future because the impacts are here today. We see it in our own communities. We see it in our own States. We see it through the impact of droughts, the impact of wildfires, the impact of heat waves, the storms, the hurricanes, the tornadoes. We see it through story after story of this year or this month being the warmest ever recorded by humans. These events have profound costs that can be measured in lost lives, lost homes, lost businesses, billions of dollars in disaster relief."
Pennsylvania Wildfire Week March 22, 2016
Glenn Thompson, R-PA
"Nearly all wildfires are caused by human activity, which is why it is so important that we continue to educate the public on commonsense ways to stop them before they start."
Fema Disaster Assistance Reform Act Of 2015 February 29, 2016
Peter DeFazio, D-OR
"In particular, in the West, we have some issues regarding wildfires. We had the worst wildfire season on record last year: 10 million acres burned; half the Forest Service budget went to fighting these wildfires. The perversity of that is that, when astounding amounts of money like that are required from the Forest Service, the Forest Service has to reduce other budgets, including preventative activities, particularly fuel reduction and other activities that would prevent future fires. So we are on this endless cycle that should end."

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