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American Energy Solutions For Lower Costs And More American Jobs Act September 18, 2014
Greg Walden, R-OR
"I thank the chairman of the Natural Resources Committee who has been most helpful in our endeavors in the West on the issues of private property, water rights, improving the health of our forest, and diminishing wildfires through active forest management."
Safe Climate Caucus September 17, 2014
Lois Capps, D-CA
"Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. It threatens our economy and our way of life in countless ways through catastrophic wildfires, through severe storms and rising seas; and in my home State of California, one of the worst droughts on record threatens water supplies for drinking water and irrigation of valuable crops. This year alone, the drought will cost the agricultural sector $2.2 billion dollars and over 17,000 jobs."
Wildfire Season In The West September 16, 2014
Doug LaMalfa, R-CA
"Unfortunately, while the Rim Fire received nonstop coverage, most of America is probably unaware of this year’s calamities. The unfortunate truth is that rural California and much of the West experience massive wildfires like these every year. Over the past decade, wildfires have only grown in size and severity."
Northern Nevada Land Conservation And Economic Development Act September 15, 2014
Raúl Grijalva, D-AZ
"As the West continues to dry up and the threat of wildfire increases, we recognize the importance of fire mitigation measures; nevertheless, it is the intent of Congress that any thinning activities conducted for the purpose of mitigating wildfires be carried out within the framework of the Wilderness Act in the Pine Forest Range and the Wovoka Wilderness."
Americorps Program Anniversary September 11, 2014
Barbara Mikulski, D-MD
"I want to take a moment to say thank you—thank you to all of the volunteers and service workers out there. They are selflessly taking time out of their lives to help their fellow Americans in times of need. They are the ones out there building homes, clearing thousands of acres of forest burnt by wildfires, tutoring and mentoring our children, and assisting the elderly. They are unflagging, unflinching, and determined to make a difference."

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