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with all due respect

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Concurrent Resolution On The Budget, Fiscal Year 2016—Continued March 24, 2015
Bernard Sanders, I-VT
"In terms of the overall Republican budget—and I say this with all due respect—one of the reasons I suspect that the media is not particularly interested in this budget is because when they look at it, they find it to be so preposterous, so unbelievable, and so unrealistic that nobody really takes it seriously, and certainly many of the major provisions in it are not going to be turned into law."
Negotiations With Iran March 12, 2015
Lindsey Graham, R-SC
"To the Germans, our friends in Germany, the Foreign Minister of Germany said the letter empowered the Iranians. With all due respect to our German allies, that is the most ridiculous statement I think I have ever heard. Requiring a deal between the Iranians and involving congressional sanctions to come back to the Congress should not embolden anybody. I don’t know if the deal you are negotiating goes to the Parliament—the Bundestag in Germany—but we do things a certain way. The efforts of the French and the Germans to discipline Putin, how well has that turned out? We have a group of nations trying to deal with the most thuggish regime in the world acting like the Keystone Kops, in my view."
Providing For Congressional Disapproval Of A Rule Submitted By The National Labor Relations Board—Continued March 3, 2015
Richard Blumenthal, D-CT
"It streamlines the NLRB’s procedures, and with all due respect to the NLRB, what is needed there is practices that are uniform throughout the regional offices so that organizers can better interact with the agency. Its effect is not only on unions and businesses but also on the NLRB in speeding and streamlining and improving the way it works."
Further Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015 February 27, 2015
Dan Kildee, D-MI
"Mr. Speaker, I have to note we just heard my friend, Mr. Issa, I think reveal what is really going on here. He said, and I think I am quoting him correctly, referencing the President, that we don’t have to fund him. Well, with all due respect, Mr. Speaker, this is not about funding the President. This is about the decision of this body and the Senate, the Republicans in charge, to continue to kick the can down the road and not fund the most essential government function, and that is public safety and national security."
Homeland Security Funding February 24, 2015
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"I will say with all due respect, Mr. Speaker, to my friends on the other side of the aisle, shutting down the government is a strategy they have employed on a number of occasions. In 1995, we shut it down twice, for almost a month, maybe a little longer."

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