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Senate Resolution 74—Declaring That Achieving The Primary Goal Of The National Plan To Address Alzheimer’S Disease Of The Department Of Health And Human Services To Prevent And Effectively Treat… February 12, 2015
Susan Collins, R-ME
"Surely we can do more for Alzheimer’s given the tremendous human and economic price of this devastating disease. Investments in research for other diseases have yielded tremendous results. We see that with cancer, with HIV/AIDS. Patients have access to new treatments, and death rates for some of these diseases are decreasing. At the same time, mortality due to Alzheimer’s is escalating."
Celebrating The Life Of Edna Flores-Lagunte February 10, 2015
Xavier Becerra, D-CA
"Not only was she well-known among event organizers and fellow cyclists, she was a beloved individual. Edna was genuine, enthusiastic, compassionate, and full of life. Her strong dedication to serving the needs of individuals with HIV/AIDS and raising awareness was truly outstanding and serves as an example for all of us."
Funding Alzheimer’S Research February 10, 2015
John Garamendi, D-CA
"With HIV/AIDS, just under $3 billion spent annually in 2014, and again we are seeing HIV/AIDS an incredible success story. Still with us, but nonetheless, we have seen death from HIV/AIDS decline by 42 percent as we have invested $3 billion over the years; in 2014, $3 billion, and a little less in the previous years."
Tribute To Helene Galen February 9, 2015
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"She has worked tirelessly to fight child abuse through the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center for almost 30 years. Her strong support for Jewish Family Service of the Desert has provided critical social services to seniors, children and families throughout the area. A devoted advocate for people living with HIV and AIDS, she has been a leader of the Desert AIDS Project’s “100 Women” program, which supports women and children affected by HIV and AIDS with food, housing and life-saving health care."
Alzheimer’S December 2, 2014
John Garamendi, D-CA
"HIV/AIDS, nearly $3 billion on HIV/AIDS—have we solved the problem? No, but we have certainly figured out how people can live with HIV/AIDS, and we are probably going to see a vaccine sometime in the near future. This is what we are currently spending—nearly $3 billion—on "

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