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Tribute To Dave Schwietert December 17, 2015
John Thune, R-SD
"Dave is the kind of staffer you always hope to get as a Member. He has a brilliant mind. His memory for the most arcane details of any policy is almost legendary. In fact, if you look up “policy wonk” in the dictionary, you probably would find a picture of Dave Schwietert—and I say that with the greatest amount of affection. He has a deep dedication to his work. Over the years, I have relied on his intellect and dedication more times than I can count."
Providing For Consideration Of H.R. 749, Passenger Rail Reform And Investment Act Of 2015, And Providing For Proceedings During The Period From March 6, 2015, Through March 13, 2015 March 3, 2015
Rob Woodall, R-GA
"I would encourage folks to go to, Mr. Speaker. The Transportation Committee, like all committees on Capitol Hill, has a Web page, and on that Web page you can get deep into the weeds. If you are a policy wonk like I am and you want to dig down into the minutia and find out what subparagraph (f) says about clause 2, you can absolutely do it. But there are some top line numbers there, too."
Repealing Section 403 Of The Bipartisan Budget Act Of 2013—Motion To Proceed February 11, 2014
Mark Begich, D-AK
"I get that there is going to be a lot of policy wonk conversation by some Members because they want to confuse the issue and make it hard for people to understand what is really going on in Washington. But it is simple. The chairman of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee knows this issue is simple. It is about our vets. If you vote yes, you are for our vets; if you vote no, you are against our vets. That is it. They can put in all the spin and all the amendments to make it sound good. But in reality, they are trying to cover an activity they are struggling with; that is, they don’t necessarily like some of us who are sponsors. I get that. But let’s put aside our politics. Let’s do what is right for the vets, let’s have their backs, let’s keep the promise we made to them."
Honoring The Memory Of Robert D. Getzoff July 19, 2013
Mike Quigley, D-IL
"Rob was a true policy wonk and a brilliant political strategist. He defended his views with passion whether he was trying to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-income Americans, explaining the greatness of eighties hard rock, or the eating habits of Great Cats. He was unrelenting in pushing his colleagues to do the right thing, whether the question at hand was a pivotal vote or a quality timepiece. He left a legacy of legislative accomplishments including meaningful lobbying reform, janitors insurance, closing the corporate jet loophole, and reducing the size of the “tax gap.” He also played a pivotal role in drafting comprehensive tax reform legislation that made the tax code simpler and fairer for all Americans."
Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act Of 2011—Motion To Proceed April 19, 2012
John Kerry, D-MA
"I don’t know if she will like it, but I would say at times she was a wonk‘s wonk. She knew the Finance Committee brilliantly, and sometimes I had to struggle to follow Kathy because Kathy talked tax, and tax is a different language. She was almost a charter member of the very unique clique of the Finance Committee staffers, and Max Baucus knows what I am talking about from his staff director, Russ Sullivan. They actually had their own annual tax prom, and that is how exclusive a bunch they are. There are a lot of us who are a little scared to think of what a tax prom looks like. I once said it was probably a prom for people who didn’t go to their own proms once upon a time, but, in fact, it is a party for the smartest, most detail oriented, hardest working staffers the Senate has because they are always in the middle of everything around here and, boy, do they deliver."

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