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Immigration Policy August 5, 2014
Jeff Sessions, R-AL
"That basically means nothing. If you fail to show up in court for a DUI or for a speeding ticket or for a reckless driving ticket, a warrant is issued for your arrest. That is what happens in America throughout this Nation, and that is what should happen. But when a person who enters the country unlawfully is released and asked to show up at a hearing at some date in the future, and then doesn’t show up, the judge apparently transfers it to some other district on the assumption the individual has moved to some other place. How do they know where they are? And nobody will go out and look for them. There is nobody looking for these individuals. They are not even able to put a warrant in the National Crime Information Center because they probably don’t even have their true name or any ability to identify them. It is a complete capitulation to lawlessness."
Waiving Requirement Of Clause 6(A) Of Rule Xiii With Respect To Consideration Of Certain Resolutions Reported From The Committee On Rules, And Providing For Consideration Of Motions To Suspend The… August 1, 2014
Zoe Lofgren, D-CA
"We do recognize the need for resources to make that law work. I can’t help but notice that the Republican majority is denying the resources to actually adjudicate these cases in the bill that was before us yesterday. I think it is ironic to say it doesn’t work and then say we won’t give you the resources to allow you to enforce the law. It is hypocrisy at its worst."
Unanimous Consent Request—S. 2673 August 1, 2014
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"We shouldn’t be waiting another hour to pass this, and here we are as the clock ticks down and we go off on our break and as my friend knows, this bill doesn’t cost one slim dime—not one slim dime—not one penny. It is such a signal to Israel that we stand with her."
Honoring Tommy “Mr. Nottie” Gunns, Jr. August 1, 2014
Bennie Thompson, D-MS
"I believe that when you give honor and recognition to someone they should truly deserve it. I am always happy when I meet someone or hear their story about overcoming, rising from obscurity, coming from meager beginnings but leaving a legacy although unaware; which doesn’t get the recognition and thanks it really deserves. This is why I want to honor Mr. Tommy Gunns, Jr. a man of “noble” character."
Morning Business July 29, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"Mr. President, if I may before Senator Ayotte leaves the floor, I commend her on her contribution to this discussion and particularly with her stories with regard to Israel, and I would also add that I am sure the Senator from New Hampshire agrees with me that the last thing the American Government needs to do right now is try to pressure Israel into a bad cease-fire that doesn’t allow this terror to be stopped."

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