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Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015 September 17, 2014
Adam Kinzinger, R-IL
"It is easy to come up with any excuse not to support an amendment. Some say it doesn’t go far enough. I have heard from a lot of people here that say it doesn’t go far enough. Some people say that it goes too far, it is too much. It doesn’t include an authorization of military force, it doesn’t include an overarching strategy for ISIS or Syria."
Congress And The Use Of Military Force September 17, 2014
Gerald Connolly, D-VA
"The administration has recently argued that the aerial strikes do not constitute hostilities because they don’t involve sustained fighting. But again, out of the President’s own words, he said last week this would be “a comprehensive and sustained effort.” That doesn’t sound like a temporary action by the Commander in Chief."
Continuing Resolution September 17, 2014
Maria Cantwell, D-WA
"I am talking about things that are part of our energy strategy—everything from Sub-Saharan Africa, wind turbines in Central America, and powerplants in Africa to various investments in the nuclear facilities. A short-term 9-month extension doesn’t provide a large enough window for companies to build a pipeline, to construct a wind turbine or to develop a nuclear facility. So it will hurt us by slowing down on these energy projects just at a time when we are trying to fund the training of troops to combat ISIS. We are going to be creating uncertainty in places such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iraq on water projects, construction projects, and road projects that might not get done because U.S. companies won’t be able to get the financing of a credit agency. So this is a national security issue, and we are already hearing from exporters about this."
The Erosion Of The Senate September 17, 2014
Jeff Sessions, R-AL
"Why is this happening? Is it because we don’t have time? No, it is not because we don’t have time. The reality—and I will say this, and I have not been contradicted on it by any Member of this Senate, to my knowledge. It is not a lack of time. We haven’t done anything this week or last week, and we have next week and the next week if need be. We can vote 20 times a day. It doesn’t take a lot of time to vote. People can have their ideas to improve legislation and bring them up and argue for them and get an up-or-down vote, yes or no."
Legislative Session September 17, 2014
Tom Harkin, D-IA
"One person said to me: What is so important about America being a part of the treaty is that when we speak to one another, we speak in a common language of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. It seems to me that if the United States is not a part of it, they speak to us in a different manner. It is: The United States, here is what we do; here is what you ought to do. That doesn’t get us very far in diplomacy."

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