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Zika Virus And Va-Milcon Funding Bill June 28, 2016
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Instead of accepting their bill is a failure that is going nowhere, Republicans are making these threats. Yesterday the assistant Republican leader came to the floor and said Republicans are going to abandon Zika funding negotiations after this vote. The Republican Senate is on pace to work the fewest days the Senate has worked in more than 60 years. Sixty years ago, the country was much smaller. There was a lot less people and a lot less business, but even with that, we are working less than they did 60 years ago. In 2 weeks, the Senate plans to leave Washington for 7 weeks, which is the longest summer recess since we can remember. Is it too much to ask Republicans to work until we have done our job in giving States and territories the resources they need to fight Zika and protect women? Public health organizations don’t think so and we don’t either. Republicans need to get serious about sending President Obama the full $1.9 billion that doctors, researchers, nurses, and public health experts say is needed to fight Zika. Every moment Republicans delay, there are other cases of Zika in innocent women, which affects their children more than one can imagine."
Transportation, Housing And Urban Development, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Conference Report June 28, 2016
Patty Murray, D-WA
"It has been 4 months since President Obama first put forward a strong emergency funding proposal. Even though we are in the midst of mosquito season, the House Republicans chose last week to double down on a partisan, pandering bill when it comes to this frightening virus. Instead of working with Democrats on a serious response to Zika, they voted to end the conference, pass an extremely partisan report in the middle of the night, and leave town."
United Kingdom Exit From European Union June 27, 2016
Harry Reid, D-NV
"In the aftermath of last week’s referendum, I was pleased that President Obama reaffirmed our special relationship with the United Kingdom and our strong ties to the European Union. Regardless of what happens with the so-called Brexit, the United States will continue to maintain strong alliances with Britain and Europe."
Fighting Terrorism June 27, 2016
John Cornyn, R-TX
"What an indictment of the leadership of the White House by people who are part of the Obama administration. I am grateful that these diplomats opted to stand up and be counted and tell the truth for our own security as well as those in the Middle East who are suffering so much. The administration’s policies—really, their inaction—have languished for 5 years with all signs pointing to a much needed course correction. Still, even after the redlines were crossed by Syria’s murderous dictator and as the supposed JV team of terrorists are exporting deadly violence into our own country, the White House views its policies in a positive light. It is not just these diplomats working in the State Department of President Obama who are raising red flags."
Nomination Of Robert Rossiter June 27, 2016
Deb Fischer, R-NE
"The questionnaires and the reams of supplementary materials were then carefully reviewed. Having reviewed the qualifications and materials of these applicants, I can tell you that Nebraska has no shortage of principled and sharp legal minds. Narrowing the list was challenging. After weeks of thorough consideration, we agreed to recommend Bob Rossiter to President Obama for this judgeship in August 2014. Although Senator Johanns retired from the Senate before the President nominated Mr. Rossiter in June of 2015, I know he was pleased with this nomination."

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