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Our Unconscionable National Debt November 19, 2015
Mike Coffman, R-CO
"Mr. Speaker, on January 20, 2009, the day President Obama took office, the national debt was $10,626,877,048,913.08."
Unanimous Consent Request—S. 2302 November 19, 2015
Ted Cruz, R-TX
"The second piece of legislation I just asked this body to pass and the Democrats just objected to is legislation that would stop President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s plan to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees to the United States in light of the declaration of war from ISIS, in light of the horrific terrorist attack and in light of the admissions from the Director of the FBI, Director Comey—who I might note President Obama appointed—who said the administration cannot vet these refugees to determine whether or not they are ISIS terrorists. Indeed, he said since they do not have the data on which of the Syrian refugees are involved with ISIS terrorism, they can query the database, but with no information in the database, he said they can query over and over again until the cows come home, but they do not have the information."
American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act Of 2015 November 19, 2015
Richard Hudson, R-NC
"The number one responsibility of this body is to protect the American people. It is not me saying that we have challenges with the current vetting process; it is experts from President Obama’s administration."
National Native American Heritage Month November 19, 2015
Betty McCollum, D-MN
"The nation-to-nation relationship between our federal government and the 567 diverse, federally recognized tribal nations across the country has been strengthened tremendously under President Obama. I am proud to have worked with the President and my colleagues in Congress to pass major legislation to better meet our federal trust responsibility, strengthen tribal self-governance, and support Native families, like the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, the Tribal Law and Order Act, and the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act."
Nomination Of Adam Szubin November 19, 2015
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"Again, more about Mr. Szubin, he earned his undergraduate and law degrees with high honors, he was a Fulbright scholar in Israel before joining the Department of Justice. As I said, he served with President Bush and with President Obama; he was counsel to the Deputy Attorney General. He worked as trial attorney on the Terrorism Litigation Task Force. He received the Department of Justice Special Commendation Award for his work countering terrorism. For 9 years he directed the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. Many of us first came to know him then—in both parties—as a thoughtful policymaker and superb lawyer. Both parties respected him until Barack Obama nominated him; then Republicans seemed to forget how good he was and how qualified he was."

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